Music Production, Recording, Mixing & Mastering – specializing in Singer Songwriters!

Kenny Schick
Nashville Tennessee / San Francisco California / World Wide


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Hi, I’m Kenny Schick: YOUR producer, YOUR secret weapon!
At Basement 3 Productions, it is my goal to help you achieve major label results on an indie budget!


Decades of working with artists both as a side man and a producer has taught me to celebrate the unique qualities of an artist and their songs. When I produce a song, it is my goal to find and amplify those unique qualities.


Amazing sounding recordings, excellent musicianship, and well crafted songs with great arrangements are the elements of music that capture my spirit. Having come up in the days of tape and vinyl, I was fortunate to experience the discipline of studio recording. This knowledge, along with ever advancing new technologies allows me to provide sonically stunning results once not possible outside of large, expensive recording facilities. 


It takes a team to make great recordings, and teams can be expensive. Being a multi-instrumentalist in many genres along with being an addict of the recording arts allows me to be multiple team players for you! We also have amazing Nashville and Bay Area musicians available for instruments I don’t play.

Diverse Palette

Starting my musical journey on clarinet and saxophone, then receiving an electric guitar as a gift when I was 12, I ended up in numerous musical arenas. With the woodwinds, I became interested in jazz and classical, and with the guitar, I went in directions of rock, funk, punk, world music and alternative— many bands and many styles have given me lots of ‘colors’ to help you paint YOUR masterpieces! 


Being a side man, a private teacher, a producer, and a session musician, I have surely learned that there is not a ‘one size fits all’  approach when it comes to creative types. I have learned to communicate and work in any way possible to achieve successful results, whether you have little experience or have been a professional for decades.


Having started my musical journey as performer/artist, I understand YOUR perspective in creating songs. Playing various instruments in a broad array of styles and being passionate about the recording arts/production for decades has just given me a lot of ‘ammunition’ to help YOU find YOUR voice and realize the potential in YOUR songs.



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