WHAT KENNY HAS TO SAY ABOUT KURT: Kurt Gundersen is one of those artists who really makes me love my job—he writes thoughtful cool songs and has a wide open mind for where they can go. Kurt contacted me just by chance on LinkedIn—it was mid September of 2017, and Sabine and I had just decided we were headed to Nashville, so Kurt was one of the last people I booked while still living in California.

We recorded tracks for a few songs, and then I worked on them up until the time we left. Kurt’s initial demos gave me a very acoustic, folky vibe, so that’s what I initially came back with…he liked them, but thought the might be a little too tame…then we talked about his influences more—Tom Petty, Camper Van Beethoven, etc., and I knew then I didn’t have to be conservative in terms of production…that’s when the fun really started and we both were able to really think of many more possibilities for his songs.

We got the first 2 songs done and then we continued to work after I got to Nashville, passing files back and forth via Dropbox, which is actually mostly how I work. We’d get the basics and feel of the songs dialed in, then on my bi-monthly trips back to California, we’d get into a studio and record his parts. The songs would then be completed and mixed here in my Nashville studio. The process was super fun, and I’m super proud of Kurt and his really great 1st album. I’m really proud of the very cool end product we came up with, and now it’s time for the world to enjoy his great songs!

WHAT KURT HAS TO SAY ABOUT KENNY: Kenny is so awesome to work with! He’s gentle, kind, helpful and supportive. He’s a great musician, singer, and producer and has a ton of creativity and interesting ideas. He can take general ideas I have and run with them. He gets what I mean even if I can’t clearly articulate it – we speak the same language. I think of him as my John, Paul, George, Ringo AND George Martin all rolled into one person! He’s really that talented. No seriously. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to have found him to help me make music!

MORE ABOUT KURT: https://kurtgundersen.com

MORE ABOUT KENNY SCHICK: https://b3pmusic.com/production-recording

Join me at this years 39th Annual West Coast Songwriters Conference – September the 14th and 15th in San Francisco!

It’s a conference FOR singer songwriters – you’ll meet industry professionals, your songwriting peers, you’ll be inspired, enjoy panels and workshops, you can share your music, and you’ll make lots of new friends.

I’ll be doing 2 panels on Sunday – at 10am it’s PRODUCING THE BEST RECORD and at 11am it’s STUDIO PREPARATION.

If you’ve never been to one before you should definitely check it out. https://www.westcoastsongwriters.org

If you have been and you are going come say hi! I’ll be there on the friday night ‘Kick Off’ Party as well at the Hard Rock Cafe.

These are always a lot of fun, and I have a LOT of information for you if you want it!! See you there!


Yes the music is mine an instrumental called Funky February 🙂

…so far we’ve made people cry, so ‘my work here is done’!

(drops mic)

My dad introduced me to the Fado Singers of Portugal, they sing songs of love, in all forms, about the country and romantic love. They believe if they don’t make people cry with emotion when hearing them sing they have not done their job.

What a wonderful way to be so dedicated to the craft of music and story telling to feel you must move the spirit totally, not just ‘entertain’. I aim to write like that, I aim to feel like that when I sing. I am definitely not as skilled and amazing as a Fado singer but when I was writing ‘Love Is Slow Motion’ – it made me cry, because it came from the depths of my experiences from my losses and my gains and just the everyday feeling of things.

My wonderful sister made a video for us. She just decided she’d do it, even though she’d never made a video before, she just decided she would figure it out. I think our dad taught us that work ethic. His favorite quote was “if a man can make it, I can fix it” and he could fix anything. He always said if you just put your mind to it, you can do anything. So why not become a performing musician in my 40s (instead of an in the closet one).

This song is about feeling, letting yourself feel, to feel the whole gravity of what you are feeling, despite any fear you have. “We wade in the shallows when the tide is out”. We allow ourselves to feel things when it’s safe but you’re not getting all of what you could get, if you were brave, take risks, don’t fear the unknown. It’s harder, more difficult but worth more.

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PRODUCED BY: Kenny Schick B3Pmusic.com (who also orchestrated, performed, mixed and mastered)



King Thrust Entertainment Presents

Women Rock! A tribute to Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks, Heart, Cyndi Lauper, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin and more!

@ The Basement East Nashville 11/28/18

These photos are of Kristen Dinsmore aka Dinzy & Slider
Proceeds for ‘Women Rock’ benefit Planned Parenthood of Tennessee and Northern Mississippi

Instruments For Education 1st Annual Instrument Drive and Fundraiser 

Listening Room Cafe, November 15, 2018

Photography by Kenny Schick – Kenny Schick is a Music Producer, engineer, singer songwriter & professional photographer, living in Nashville TN (from the Bay Area CA)  (see more photos here)

I was lucky to be in school at a time when music and art programs were considered main staples of education—the schools I attended in California had pretty darn good instruments for music students to use, and most families, mine included, had the ability to rent or buy instruments for their kids. This access to instruments not only made it pretty easy for me to pursue my passion (my music), but could be a large part of the equation that led me down the path to a life in music. My parents were even able to float me loans(with 1% interest, just to teach me about finances..haha) which I paid back with my paper route money. 

I never had kids, but I’ve watched my friend’s children attend schools where the music and art programs are being stripped back, or even eliminated from curriculum—this is a damn shame, as music and the arts are every bit as important to human development as math, science, history, or english. It is creativity and learning how to implement it that leads to some of the biggest accomplishments for humanity—even in aspects of life that have nothing to do with music or art. Developing a creative mind is essential to success in life, and as a former private music teacher, I have seen this concept at work. I even helped run a friend’s company that used music as a tool for corporate team building workshops, and we saw the method ignite a lot of fire at some of Silicon Valley’s biggest companies. 

Here in Nashville, we have a knight in shining armor by the name of (Sir) Troy Castellano, and he has started a non-profit here to help counteract the trend of struggling music programs in our local schools—it is called Instruments For Education. It’s mission: “To collect and distribute used and unused musical instruments and provide them to classrooms that may not otherwise have it in their budget to purchase instruments. Allowing upcoming generations a hands on way to learn to play a musical instrument(s).” Troy  even goes so far as to drive around picking up instruments himself and fixing them if need be. He has a music store in Spring Hill TN(Bluesman Vintage) that does repairs that he can’t handle himself. 

Last night, I attended a great event at the Listening Room Cafe here in Nashville—It was Instruments For Education’s First Annual Instrument Drive and Fundraiser. 24 of Nashville’s best song writers volunteered their time and gave us a killer night of intimate performances, backed by the awesome steel guitar player Smith Curry see the list of performers below. Proceeds from the show went to Instruments For Education, and I believe even some instruments were donated. 

In a city called Music City, it is great that we have someone like Troy who supports the very thing this city is known for and helps to make sure future generations keep the roots and lifeblood of this city alive. 

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Billy Lee

Sasha Aaron

Melissa Bollea Rowe

Michaela Clarke

Steve Metz

Hailey Verhaalen

Jordan Mitchell

Mary Kutter

Megan Barker

Taylor Goyette

Jean Nolan

Dixie Jade

Joe West

Victoria Banks

Keesy Timmer

Steven Williams

Riley Weston

Lexie Hayden

Adam Searan

Brian Desveaux

Elizabeth Lyons

Marti Dodson

Tori Martin

Ashlyn Grayce

Ava Boney