A year ago today, we arrived in Nashville.

Though we’d talked about it a bit over the last several years, it was actually a pretty spontaneous move—a decision made just a little more than 2 months before our departure.

Photography by Kenny Schick – Kenny Schick is a Music Producer, engineer, singer songwriter & professional photographer, living in Nashville TN (from the Bay Area CA)  (see more photos here)

A stressful year in California and ever rising rent costs in the Bay Area, an exodus of musicians and artists, and a desire to be around people, who like us, make their living creating music in one form or another, all pointed us out of town. Along with an accident that resulted in us replacing our old Honda Civic with 300,000 on it with a newer, bigger car that would actually make it to Tennessee, and our amazing friend Chris who let us store our stuff in an empty building at his new place, we found ourselves in a position to make a big decision to give Nashville a shot.

Since Sabine and I met online in 2006 discussing music on what is now the ghost town called MySpace, our lives have been about big decisions: from my move to Australia after 8 months of emails and phone calls resulted in us falling in love, to her move to the US in 2008  to continue our relationship, to our 2 month drive/tour across the US immediately upon her arrival (interestingly centered around a gig I got at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville), to our deciding to use my decades of experience as a musician/producer to start our own business, Basement 3 Productions.  Sabine has been an essential ingredient in helping me take thoughts and ideas that might otherwise remain in my head and make them reality. As such, she made me realize that making this big move, like most  big moves, was totally doable.

So on December 2nd, 2017, we packed up our car and left California, and on December 5th, we arrived at our first place in South Nashville near Berry Hill. We’d found it online, and the pictures were quite a glamorized version of what we actually moved into—LOL. We stayed there for the terms of our 6 month lease, and we enjoyed the urban meets rural neighborhood, but we made the move to the ‘hip’ part of town, East Nashville, as soon as our lease allowed, upon finding a house with a separate building for our studio.

I’m proud that we were brave enough to just go for it, especially given we are not 20 something, or 30 something…or….. well…. we did it!


Everyone asks what I think of Nashville. I have enjoyed that it is indeed music-centric. We’ve seen a ton of amazing music, eaten great food and made wonderful new friends. I am intrigued by the weather – how cold it gets in the winter, and how hot and humid it gets in the summer. I love all the summer wild life—lightning bugs, tons of butterflies and other big flying critters, and plant growth like I’ve never seen—it is literally a giant green house. I adore the summer lightning storms. Unlike California, there is no watering lawns—just fighting them back—there is visual growth within one day. Nonetheless, I still miss the even, mild temperatures of the Bay Area, of course.

I have surely had an adjustment period, all the while keeping super busy with all my fabulous California artists. I am thoroughly enjoying working and creating music in my East Nashville studio and am excited to dig deeper into the scene here. We’ve really enjoyed hosting California artists and our home/studio is always open to out-of-towners as well as locals! I am eager to keep my focus and see what this musical jewel called Nashville has to offer, and equally, what I have to offer Nashville.

We’ve met some amazing musicians here and try to incorporate as many as possible into our work. Sabine and I are immersing ourselves in the culture and the music of Nashville. We are about to release a new album as our Duo ArtemesiaBlack called Gravity – some songs inspired by our new city – and are curious to see what our second year in Music City will bring. All in all, I’m proud that we were brave enough to just go for it, especially given we are not 20 something, or 30 something…or….. well…. we did it! It’s quite an amazing adventure. We are very excited about the artists we will be working with in the coming year!


Anthony Arya: my client on NBC’s The Voice Season 15

Photography by Kenny Schick – Kenny Schick is a Music Producer, engineer, singer songwriter & professional photographer, living in Nashville TN (from the Bay Area CA)  (see more photos here)

It’s been a pleasure working with The Voice contestant Anthony Arya on his upcoming full length album. We recorded the first song, ‘Going To California’, before The Voice thing started, and Anthony and his mother were so happy with the results, they decided to give me the honor of working on 10 or so more songs.

Anthony’s mother Kamela is an avid music lover and seems to be a big part of his introduction to, and love for music. She has an intimate connection to his music and a great vision of how music should be approached, so it was great that she was with us during the recording of his parts to help shape some of the performances and ideas. She is also very helpful on shaping the details of the final versions of Anthony’s songs. Here is a video of Anthony on The Voice.

At 16, Anthony is super focused and dedicated to crafting great songs, and his performances in the studio far surpass the performances of most 16 year olds—in fact, they far surpass the performances of singer-songwriters who have been at it for decades! One thing about him that has been close to my heart is his diversity—he loves many kinds of music and is not afraid to use all those styles and influences in his writing. I have always loved all kinds of music myself, and I love music that has a good range and a juxtaposition of styles that one might not normally hear. If Anthony keeps on his current trajectory, I see great things coming quickly for this talented and level headed young man. I am very honored to be part of his journey.

The process of creating this album has been really fun—Anthony sent me really stripped down demos of his songs—iPhone recordings or videos—and from those demos, I started sketching out basic parts and grooves for the songs here at my studio in Nashville. When the ‘skeletons’ were all in place, I made a trip back to California to record his parts, and his work ethic was focused and precise, so recording went quickly (as his The Voice schedule required anyway). Back in Nashville, I am finishing up parts and having conference calls with Anthony and Kamela—they are collecting parts from some musicians out in California as well, and the process is flowing nicely—we should be done with everything soon, and then the world will be able to enjoy his great music. .

It has been a blast watching Anthony progress on The Voice—I watch the show most seasons, but it’s a different thing to know one of the contestants personally for sure. Working with him on his music and knowing him personally and musically makes it all that more exciting. One of my favorite songs on the upcoming album is a song called ’Slow Train’, written about fellow Team Adam member and fellow contestant, the very talented Emily Hough—really cool to see Anthony writing about all that is happening in his life right now. Anthony started out the season on Adam Levine’s team Adam Levine and after his battle round he was picked up by Team JHud Jennifer Hudson! It’s exciting to see him get to work with two great artists/judges! It’s great to see that he’s made great friends from his experience, and was fun to see that he recently performed in his neck of the woods with fellow Voice contestant Natalie Brady, a fellow Nashvillian who I need to get out and see!

If you are interested in Recording, Mixing or Mastering with me I would love to hear from you, I specialize in Singer Songwriters and just as you’ll hear with Anthony’s album I work in many different genres. You can hear more of my client’s work CLIENT’S WORK – Send me an EMAIL or follow me on social media Facebook or Instagram

OK…gotta get back to work on this great album!!


B3PMusic Clients laying down vocal tracks at ToneFreq studio with Kenny Schick and Steve Glaze.

Erin Bentley, Kurt Gunderson, Martha Groves Perry,
Brandi Starks, Vic Martin

One of my B3PMusic California Tips back to California May-June, 2018

As we live in Nashville now and I have a lot of clients in California, every couple of months I fly back there and hang with them and do some recording. I get the best of both worlds that way.

Photography by Kenny Schick – Kenny is a music producer, engineer, singer songwriter & professional photographer, living in Nashville TN (from the Bay Area CA)  (see more photos here)

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