Love is Slow Motion

…so far we’ve made people cry, so ‘my work here is done’!

(drops mic)

My dad introduced me to the Fado Singers of Portugal, they sing songs of love, in all forms, about the country and romantic love. They believe if they don’t make people cry with emotion when hearing them sing they have not done their job.

What a wonderful way to be so dedicated to the craft of music and story telling to feel you must move the spirit totally, not just ‘entertain’. I aim to write like that, I aim to feel like that when I sing. I am definitely not as skilled and amazing as a Fado singer but when I was writing ‘Love Is Slow Motion’ – it made me cry, because it came from the depths of my experiences from my losses and my gains and just the everyday feeling of things.

My wonderful sister made a video for us. She just decided she’d do it, even though she’d never made a video before, she just decided she would figure it out. I think our dad taught us that work ethic. His favorite quote was “if a man can make it, I can fix it” and he could fix anything. He always said if you just put your mind to it, you can do anything. So why not become a performing musician in my 40s (instead of an in the closet one).

This song is about feeling, letting yourself feel, to feel the whole gravity of what you are feeling, despite any fear you have. “We wade in the shallows when the tide is out”. We allow ourselves to feel things when it’s safe but you’re not getting all of what you could get, if you were brave, take risks, don’t fear the unknown. It’s harder, more difficult but worth more.

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PRODUCED BY: Kenny Schick (who also orchestrated, performed, mixed and mastered)