Are you a Singer Songwriter?

Thinking of Recording?

Are you thinking of recording a song – whether finished or partially finished, Kenny can help you fully complete your song. The finished product is a quality fully mastered song ready for cd production or a very high quality demo song you can pitch.

Do you wish you had a band or a team to work with to help you with creating your music, or to help you realize the unique potential of your songs?

If you are limited in the sounds that you yourself can produce but you’ve imagined your songs with other instruments or a full band to expand beyond just you and your guitar or keyboard, you’ve come to the right place!

Or have you already recorded tracks and just want some additional instruments and orchestration? Maybe you just need a killer mix that’ll take your music to the next level and compete with or exceed the best commercial mixes in the industry?

To get the high quality, industry standard professional recordings you are looking for,
you would need:
+ a producer
+ a variety of other musicians
+ a recording engineer
+ a mixing engineer
+ a mastering engineer

It can get, expensive and complicated working with that many people. BUT, what if you could get all that with just one person?

Taking your stripped down songs and ideas to a full band or fully orchestrated arrangement that is unique to your personality and artistry is Kenny Schick’s specialty. Kenny becomes your team, your creative support, your genius producer, your personal multi-instrumental session musician, your geeky recording engineer and your mixing expert, all while creating a fun environment.

Kenny can help you realize what is possible for your songs and help you achieve it. In the studio he can help you capture your best performance and then produce yours songs so it sounds exactly how you imagined or even better.

There is also a mobile option for recording –  Kenny will come to you and record you in your home, rehearsal space or favorite location.

Once the music is complete, Basement3Productions can also help you with what comes next – for most people the hard part is the selling and promotion of your music. We offer visual design & photography, and help you with marketing, production and distribution.

Basement3Productions is a one stop shop when it comes to music production!

Kenny Schick is a music designer, a producer, a multi-instrumentalist, a recording engineer, a mixing engineer and a mastering engineer. He’s had 25+ years of experience and knowledge working with many genres, bands and artists and is himself a performing and recording singer songwriter, so he fully understands the mind set of a performing artist.

From Pro Recording and Mixing, all the way to Full Production and Design – with Basement3Productions you CAN make your music dreams a reality!

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