Happy 4th of the July – Who’s the Boss

Happy 4th of July 2017

Kenny Schick is a Producer / Engineer / Musician / Photographer in Nashville TN

Running our own business we often have to remind ourselves that WE ARE THE BOSS – BUT WHO is the real ‘boss’? Bruce Springsteen of course.

Sabine and I have done a number of covers over the years, and lately, we’ve been thinking of doing them more often.

Why, you may (or may not) ask?…..because  we have fans who seem to like them, and also, we have been producing music for licensing (TV, film, etc.), and it seems that there is often a call for cover songs these days. Further, it’s always been a pleasure of mine to take a song everyone knows and do something a little different with it. In the case of ArtemesiaBlack, the goal of course is not to do a ‘Zappaesque’ cover Styx song, or a ska version of ‘Roundabout’, but rather, to take songs and fit them into our special somber zone.

I’ve never been a huge Bruce Springsteen fan per se, though I’ve always totally appreciated his spirit, his longevity, and his unrelenting dedication to his fans/performance/music. I’ve always enjoyed his songs when they come up on the radio (or updated radio replacements), but I don’t really know any of them intimately. However, for some reason, Bruce’s song ‘Dancing In The Dark’ kept creeping into my head as a good possibility for the ArtemesiaBlack treatment. Maybe just a few lines that I knew kept popping into my head, maybe just the melody….not sure. Once we gave it a listen, I was surprised how appropriate the lyrics actually were for us—much more bite to them than the pop presentation of the original gave away without a deep listen. We hope you enjoy our boss version of the Boss…. and if we ever play it live, we hope Courtney Cox will come dance with us onstage.

It took us just a day and a half to conceptualize, record, and mix this song. There were some other parts I recorded too, but we ultimately felt it sounded best really stripped down. If any of you singer songwriters out there ever want to record a cover and get some help arranging it into something a little different, or… if you have any originals you’d like arranged and taken to a magical place – Basement 3 Productions is your place so call me, get hold of me— it’s what I love to do… you’d be surprised what is a available to you…

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